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Travel To Scotland ... Get Wet, Have Fun

The Guerrilla Traveler looooves white water rafting.

Yes you will get wet, yes your will end up with a few moderately-sore muscles, but there is nothing that provides more safe thrills and just sheer fun that spending a few hours on a whitewater river.

OK, now I realize not everyone is into adrenaline-thrill activities, but white water rafting only appears to be an extreme sport. Bring back a few pictures and your uninformed friends will be just as impressed with you as if you had climbed Everest (I may be assuming you have exceptionally gullible friends, but they will, nevertheless, be impressed).

Until I read the article below by Blair Thorne, I had not thought of Scotland as a white water rafting destination (Ok, I don’t know everything…yet). So check out his website, after you read his article.

Charles Brown

Europe Vacations

Scotland - The New White Water Rafting Capital of Europe

By: Blair Thorne

Scotland has taken its place as the new Mecca for white water rafting and extreme sports enthusiasts. With over 120 activity centres around the country you can do it all here - from jumping off cliffs, sliding through canyons and rolling down hills in plastic balls, to more traditional activities such as white water rafting, quad biking and clay pigeon shooting.

The rugged landscape is perfect for hair-raising outdoor pursuits. As Mark Turner of specialist outdoor sports website says, "We are especially looking forward to the white water rafting season on the River Tummel. This is undoubtedly the best white water rafting available in the country over the summer.

The Tummel is dam-release, guaranteeing water levels every weekend from June to September. It is a narrow, technical and exciting river, offering almost continuous rapids to Grade IV, culminating in the descent of a double-drop waterfall!

“An alternative waterfall descent”, Mark continues, “is on one of our canyoning trips. This time there’s no boat involved, instead participants are lowered down on a rope in a controlled abseil.” Canyoning descents also involve scrambling, jumps into plunge pools, natural water flumes and slides.

A wide range of clients enjoy adventures with Individuals and families on day visits or holidays, through to a range of groups, from stag and hen parties to corporate outings. Their philosophy of professional delivery, from experienced but also highly enthusiastic instructors, has produced a winning formula.

So, if you're looking to do something a little bit different this summer and fancy some excitement in your life, go to and choose your ideal adventure.

About The Author
Blair Thorne is the creater of White Water Rafting UK Whitewater Rafting UK and owner of Emerge Studio - Web Design UK Web Design Scotland Web Design Glasgow a web and graphic design consultancy based in Glasgow.

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