Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Travel to Europe getting cheaper

A bargain year for travel to Europe

Europe Vacations

Good news for travelers looking for low cost travel to Europe. The U.S. dollar keeps getting stronger against the euro, which (listen carefully here, because I’m not too clear on this myself so I don’t want to repeat it) that everything in Europe is cheaper for people paying with U.S. dollars (that means Americans).

OK, I guess it is now obvious to all that I was an English Lit major in college. But the fact still remains that if you are a U.S. resident, 2006 looks like a great year to get great travel bargains if you are planning to travel to Europe.

Check out this great article in The Charlotte Observer’s Charlotte.com. Not only does it do a much better job of explaining exchange rates, it even quotes actual economists and everything.

Of course, in my opinion, it could have been just a little better if it had also quoted an English major or two.
Europe Vacations

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