Sunday, December 25, 2005

Put Your Discount Airfare Travel Plans on Autopilot

What am I doing on Christmas night sitting at my computer? Well if I had a life I might be doing something else, but I really have fun tracking down the most exciting travel ideas at discount prices. (Yeah, I really am that boring).

So anyway, most of us have run into the problem of working out the very best discount travel arrangements for a trip on or around a specific date. Now several sites will send you email alerts if airfares drop down into you price range.

Check out three sites that can help you find this information in this great article by Dennis Tanner in

FareWatchers ( offers two types of e-mail alerts: one when Travelocity's lowest fare between two targeted cities changes up or down by more than $25 and the other when the fare falls below a threshold set by the subscriber.

The Orbitz Web site,, offers Deal Detector, which keeps searching for a price you set for particular cities and dates. A nice feature is being able to have the service check on other airports in an area and enter a span of dates for your travel rather than being limited to specific days.

Another option is Austin, Texas-based TripStalker that checks out air fares, rental cars and hotel space for specific dates. One drawback might be that you must download TripStalker software to use the service. The service, available at, will notify you through e-mail or by a text message to your cell phone.

I keep asking myself how we made it before the internet. But with Farewatchers, Deal Detector and TripStalker, you have even more tools in your discount travel toolbox.

That is what Guerrilla Travel is all about, "Adventure on a Budget."

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