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Include Swimming with Dolphins as Part of your Adventure Vacation

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If you are looking for an adventure vacation for the entire family, you just can't go wrong if you include swimming with dolphins as part of your trip. Dolphins are among the most loveable of this earth's creatures (kind of like the golden retrievers of the sea) and they interact with people in a way that is nothing short of blissful.

Your children will find this experience as exhilarating as you will, and I guarantee you won't hear a wailing, "I'm bored" from your kids when your adventure vacation includes an up close and personal encounter with these fun-loving mammals of the sea.

But in recent yours a number of environmentalists have voiced concerns about whether these encounters are good for the dolphins. In some cases, frankly, the answer is no.

There have been some companies who use captive dolphins, that may or may not be well fed or protected from human negligence.

One site called offers these excellent tips for protecting yourself and the dolphins:

  • Trim all your nails short: a dolphin's skin is easily scratched.
  • Shower to clean all types of (sun) cream or other lotions from your skin.
  • Make certain your pockets are empty.
  • Remove eye glasses, watches and (body-) jewelry.
  • Wear only a swim- or bathing-suit or shorts without zippers, and a T-shirt.
  • Let an instructor assist you when putting on the life jacket before you enter the water.
  • Do not dive nor jump into the water. Instead: sit down and slide in.
  • Do not attempt to swim under water
  • Do not attempt to walk instead of swimming in the pound.
  • Do not touch the dolphins unless the trainer indicates that you can.
  • Never touch the dolphin's head, especially the area around their eyes.
  • Do not feed the dolphins unless the dolphin trainer instructs you to do so.
  • Do not feed the dolphins more than the dolphin trainer instructs.

There are many places in the world that offer in the wild swimming with dolphins excursions, and these companies are easy to find on the internet. Moreover, depending on where your destination is, your internet search should enable you to find many low-cost adventure travel options involving swimming with dolphins.

But regardless of where you go to swim with these wonderful creatures you should remember that dolphins love to play. That's the whole basis of human swim with dolphin interactions.

The experience will by much more enjoyable, as well as safe for the dolphins, if the activity is centered around play and curiosity. Dolphins have come to trust humans and they enjoy playing with us.

This incredible dolphin experience will give you memories that last a lifetime. And your children will remember their intimate eye-to-eye contact with dolphins as one of the best adventure vacation of their lives.

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budget adventure travel, family adventure vacation

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