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5 Great Resources For Traveling With Kids

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Travel with the family is always an "adventure" for parents, but can you inject a little fun and adventure for the kids too? Especially when they are cooped up on long car or airplane trips? It just so happens the answer is yes, as these great online resources point out. Check them out to add sanity and fun to your next family adventure vacation.

  1. The first great site is at, which gives advice like items the smart parent should stock for a roadtrip with kids. It also suggests involving the kids in saving items along the way for a scrapbook they can assemble later. You can visit this site at:

  2. Sally at has been through it all, and has some great ideas to share with other traveling parents. Her mantra is new toys and books. She says that newness counts for a lot and she always packs a bag of small new toys so she can pull them out whenever the long car or airplane ride seems to be getting to the kids. Read Sally’s top ten list of advice for traveling with children at: Top Ten List

  3. Then there is This gal is really organized! She has included over 101 ideas for fun things for kids to do in the car. At her site you will find printable car games and activities as well as a plethora (I just love using the word, “plethora”) of ideas organized by age group.

  4. At, the advice is generally related to air travel with kids. One thing I learned here that I hadn’t ever considered before was the benefits of having layovers or flying into small regional airports when traveling with kids. The layovers, she says, give kids a chance to get the “wigglies” out, while the smaller airports have smaller crowds and friendlier employees. Check out this site at:

  5. Finally, I was surprised at how good a resource Southwest Airlines has on their website. The section called “Taking The Kids” is full of informative articles on things like traveling as a single parent, getting a sitter away from home, making a museum excursion fun and even tips for grandparents flying alone with the kids. Surprisingly, these articles are not all about air travel but also include some good advice for when you travel by car. See
    Taking The Kids

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budget adventure travel, family adventure vacation

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