Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Great Travel Deals

Recently, I found three really great resources for travelers who want to find awesome travel deals on the web. Be sure to check these sites:

  • .Browse over 30,000 trails and unlimited topo maps for free. Sign up today!
    If you are planning an adventure tour anywhere in North America, be sure to check out the free trail guides offered by Trails.com. This site offers over 1000 published guidebooks and unlimited USGS topo maps of the United States that you can access online. You can pull up information on over 30,000 hiking and bike trails in North America, find out real-time weather conditions and read trail ratings
  • Eurailpass: flexible travel throughout 17 countries The best way to travel around Europe is by train. Rail Europe has some fantastic deals on buying rail passes for any country or for all of Europe. Their passes include high speed trains like the English Channel tunnel train, country and regional passes, sleeper cars, scenic trains, the list goes on and on... Rail Europe offers flexible travel deals for over 17 countries. If you have a vacation planned for Europe soon, you can’t afford to miss the bargains offered by Rail Europe.
  • Buy One Vacation, Get One Free and Receive up to $1,800 in Airfare Credit! Available only at 11thHourVacations.com Everyone knows that some of the best travel bargains are picked up at the last minute. Unsold airline seats, unsold hotel rooms, and unsold tour spots, are just a few of the reasons procrastinators can get some of the best travel deals. So check out 11th Hour Vacations and save up to 90% on some great vacation packages.
  • This Week's Top 25 Travel Deals! Every week, Shermans Travel puts out a newsletter of the Top 25 travel bargains. Subscribe for free and you will have a weekly list of the best deals in airfare, hotel accommodations, cruises and travel packages. Shermans really does their homework so you don’t have to. This is a great newsletter for anyone who wants to keep on top of what the best deals are each week.

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Scott said...

Hi Charles. Not sure if you already know of www.viator.com, but we offer a range of travel tours with deals and specials. Have a look, maybe something for a future column on your blog.

Scott from Viator