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Adventures in skydiving

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One of the unexpected things I have discovered about blogging on the topic of budget adventure travel is that a lot of people out there define "adventure travel" a lot differently than I do.

For example, I personally define skydiving as "crazy," "insane," or if I am really being charitable, "looney."

But, as a serious blogger, i still have a duty to bring you all kinds of information on a variety of budget adventure travel options. Including jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

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Great Skydiving Tips for Beginners
By Guest Author: Ispas Marin

Anyone that wants to skydive for the first time trying to became an experienced skydiver have to first understand the basic rules and all the risks that exist in skydiving. Doing it, the level of risks in this sport will be greatly reduced.

Like all extreme sports, this one has an age restriction too, set at 18 years. Not even a parent can't sign documents in order for a minor to jump. 18 years or older, no exceptions here. In order to be 100% sure that your landing will not bring up any problems, you must weight not more than 250 pounds.

You need to be in good health even if skydiving is not very demanding from this point of view. If you can pull your chute line, you can skydive at it's best, and this was never a problem for people.

Some teachers could let you do your first jump all alone if you want. Usually you can make your first jump after 5 to 6 hours of ground training. You can do your ground training and your first jump in the same day. You should never wear clothes that will limit your moves, sandals or open toed shoes.

You should always wear clothes you best feel in and running shoes. You can also bring with you glasses or contacts, the goggles you will be provided with, will fit over with no problem. Your skydiving jump will consist of 30 seconds of free fall and 30 second to land.

Most people feel the free falling like a great flying experience.

Even if skydiving as a sport, involves risks, if you are good trained you can call skydiving a very safe sport because bad injures and death are unlikely.
You will just have to learn learn and learn all you can about this great extreme sport and you will do great. Discuss every aspect of this sport with your friends, family or any other experienced skydiver and you will grow in knowledge, you will develop your skills and in the same time you will be more secure of yourself.

Article Source: http://www.mydolittle.com/articles
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budget adventure travel, family adventure vacation

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